Sunday, August 10, 2008

what a month...

so steven and i have been in and out of saint george for the past month. hes been working in california and i have been running all across the countryside. as of yesterday, im back in town (for a good while) and steven is still out in carlsbad.

during the week of july 20 to 26, i went down to ensenada with our youth group for their annual missions trip. it was such a blessing to go a minister to the people down there and to see our youth having a heart like Jesus. so for the four full days we were doing ministry we worked with the mayo clinic; which is a group of doctors from arizona and minnesota who go down each year and open up a free medical and dental clinic. this was so awesome to watch come together each day in a different location.

each day while the doctors were running the clinic we did a mini vacation bible school with all the kids who were running around. fun stuff! i have adopted about ten of them already! :] we would set up tents and then we would do a few bible skits, hand out snack and drinks, and gave out a bunch of toys! it was so cool to be able to bless these kids with cool toys and coloring books.

these two little girls were sisters. i just wanted to pinch them and bring them home with me!

this is the groups of kids from our youth group. they did so awesome!

our basic setup each day. our "stage" and the shade for the kids to sit and watch. this second day was a blessing where we actually had canopies and didnt have to sit in the sun!

this little girl stole my heart. if i couldve brought her home i wouldve surprised steven with a little gift! needless to say i didnt want to leave her behind. :[ i guess ill see her next year.

the little guy in the red shirt was my buddy. i noticed him when i was walking around. he has downs syndrome and if any of you know me you know that i am passionate about children with special needs. so i took some toys over to his mom and talked about his school and stuff. i spent a little bit of time just talking to her and and playing around with sergio. i cant wait to see him next year.

after a long four days of ministry we were able to hang out and
go to the beach. it was a nice little break we were able to take after working so hard. all those days in sun start to wear on you after a while...

so until next year, we can pray for those hearts that we ministered to. may the Lord keep watch over them and protect them.

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