Saturday, August 6, 2011

march in pictures

[reading to her kitty]

[just driving with mama]

[playing with the shaddix girls - basically her older sisters!]


starting where i left off

so now that i have dusted off the blog, i'm going to sort of start where i left off when i posted our family DEC!!!

we headed to cali for christmas again. and we were all excited for evelynn this year knowing that she would be more into presents and fun stuff since she was a year older. and boy were the presents waiting. tia and abue spared no expense! :] we dont spoil her too much at christmas since everyone else takes care of that for us. she even got this massive stocking that was taller than her...

[the said stocking]

[the family.]
[ love that we're all wearing similar colors. notice the little one slowly fading.]

[and she's faded! but we smile on.]

we stayed out there through christmas and into the new year. we weren't sure how evelynn was going to do or if we should have her stay up til midnight. so we went with it and just waiting to see how she would so. she lasted! stayed up, happy new year, blew horns, and ta-da, she made it! good times!

[happy 2011 from the dosers!]

we were able to drive out to san jacinto to visit steven's great aunt irene. she is the sweetest lady every...and makes the best fudge! evelynn loves to visit her too.

so yeah, after the holidays we made the trek back home to utah. in january we celebrated evelynn's half birthday. yeah we are those people. we've made her a little cake and get her a little present on her half birthday ever since she was born. it's something fun for us to do - one of those little traditions she'll always remember.

[licking the frosting that's colored orange and purple for dora]

and here is just some pure cuteness for you to enjoy...

[out like a light with her stuffed animals]

[loving her rain coat (and boots) from grammy dawn]

thanks for getting through this first installment of the great catch-up of 2011!


yes, i'm talking about myself.

i finally got back on to blogger to catch up on some old blogs. and it just made me realize i have SOOO much to catch up on here...hopefully over the next week or so i can post a couple new things on here. there is so much going on in the mendonsa dungeon (dungeon cause we are currently living in a good friend's basement!).


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