Thursday, April 15, 2010

sooo food network

when i knew what we were getting back from our taxes, i knew i wanted to get a new set of pots and pans. the ones we got when we first got married were headed downhill. one got messed up and tossed in the trash and the rest were starting to lose their coating. so tax money came along and we headed to target...

so nice and shiny! it almost makes me want to cook that much more! i feel so food network with my new pans. maybe one day ill be like ina garten. :]

taxes and teeth!

this tax season was wonderful...thank God!

all because of this little one...(and a school credit we were able to write off)
this onesie was made at the baby shower by my friend (and college roommate) vanessa. luckily the size worked out perfectly for the time of year!

and here are the two teeth evelynn has been working on since march. they cut in around the 9th and have been coming up ever since. she hasn't been to rough to deal with. let's hope the rest come in fairly easy too.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my new toms

there's this awesome company called toms shoes. they sell these super cute slip-on type shoes. very simple. but what makes them awesome is that when you buy a pair of shoes they go and give a pair of shoes to a kid who needs shoes, wherever that may be (in the us or overseas).

so i got online today and bought my first pair. looking at them, they don't look worth the $44, but i just keep thinking about the kid who will be getting a pair of shoes. thats what makes it worth it. needless to say, im excited about a kid getting a pair of shoes and my new shoes.
another cool thing that toms does is "one day without shoes". on april 8th they asked people to walk with them for one day without shoes. this day would be used to bring awareness to the fact that people dont have shoes and how much we take them for granted. so i joined in and ditched the shoes! it was quite liberating...dirty but liberating. this is from our trip to target (did you guess by the red stripe?!).

super cute giveaway...

hey guys...
a blog i follow, the life of a cupcake, is having their first giveaway. it is super cute and fun.
check it out!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

be salty

this morning i was reading chapter nine of mark. verse fifty really struck me. it says:
"salt is good. but if the salt becomes unsalty, with what will you make it salt again?
have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another."

in matthew 5:13 we are called to be the salt of the earth. it says that if salt becomes tasteless it cannot be made salty again, therefore no longer being good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled on.

so here are some tidbits about salt:
- salt is tasty, which is why we put it on food for seasoning
- it is important in preserving food
- chloride and sodium ions (major components of salt) are necessary for survival of all living creatures
- salt is involved in regulating water content of the body

so this is what im supposed to do. Jesus wants me to be other words, i need to be pleasing to others (the tasty part), i need to help preserve others for God, and just be all around nourishing to others, not hindering or bringing them down. this being my prayer, that i can stay close to Jesus and remain salty, helping others see the light of God.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

loving the sunshine

the weather has been so awesome lately. one day when steven was taking a nap, evelynn and i decided to go to the park. so with a blanket, book, evelynn's sun hat, and toys in hand, i grabbed evelynn and we headed outside.

evelynn went on the swings again and she loved it. i love seeing her have fun and giggle...makes me smile!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

cali in march (lots of pictures!)

back in march we headed to cali for my spring break. there was lots planned and it was going to be busy. there was family, friends, disneyland, moving sister into her new house, the beach, and much more in between!

we left before the sun came up so that we would have a one-up on evelynn needing to eat and sleeping most of the drive. our plan worked wonderfully! she did great and we made it in about five hours. the next day, we helped sister move into her new house! lots of family showed up to help, so it was a fun time.
we even found some hidden treasure!
breakfast of champions - burritos from mom!
some more productive than others!
all done!

once we finished unloading, we were hanging out at the house and it started to RAIN - it actually hailed for a couple minutes! i tried convincing sister to go put her rain boots to good use and she refused. SOOO i took matters into my own hands! they needed to see some rain so they would feel useful (yes i'm referring to the boots!).
at the beginning of this trip, evelynn was quite fussy. we thought she may be teething, but she had been at it for a while so we weren't sure. turns out, by the end of the week, she was going to cut TWO teeth...not just one but TWO!!! so we picked up one of these teethers. i put ice in it and she LOVED it! so much, that when i took it to put more ice in, she freaked out. stinker!
then, it was off to DISNEYLAND!!!! (to be honest i was a little worried to be going; not being sure how it would be for evelynn to need to nurse and at some point take a nap) we went anyway, ready to have a fun day.
evelynn's FIRST trip to disneyland, that she'll remember FOREVER! :] ha...
grammy martha made sure evelynn got her "first visit" button!
steven was giddy about this picture!
we even got to see caption eo again. evelynn sat through it like a champ, while we realized how cheese-ball it was...but still a cool thing to see.
and YES she even took a couple naps...thank God!
this is one of the coolest places in disneyland i have yet to discover! this place has comfy chairs for feeding the baby, a couch and tv for people who are waiting, lots of padded changing tables, a mini toilet for little guys, and they sell stuff you'd need for baby (diapers, formula, food, etc.). so if you go to disneyland with little ones, definitely check this place out.
the WHOLE reason i wanted to go to disneyland!!!!!
goofy was the only character we saw all day. funny thing is that evelynn had "met" goofy back in december when we went out for Christmas. i guess when we go for her "real" first time (the one she'll actually remember), we will definitely see more characters.
this is the disney time capsule that my mom is obsessed about. we thought it would be cool to take a picture with evelynn sitting by it because when they open it she will be ten days short of her 26th birthday. my mom made us promise we'll take evelynn when they open it since she may not make it since she will be a month away from 80. we shall see!
and who can go to disneyland without getting a pair of mickey ears! at least martha ochoa's granddaughter won't be leaving without a pair! :] (love you mom!)
and i can NEVER go to cali without going to buffalo wild wings! (or if i don't make it there i'm definitely thinking about it...)
and you know the mendonsas...we HAD to go to the beach. it had been a bit since we had last gone. plus it was evelynn's first time to the beach. i was hoping she'd like it and not scream.

she loved it! no whining here.
she even ate some sand...before i had a chance to clean her. it was when i started to clean her face that she got mad!
evelynn and wyatt met for the first time. wyatt is a couple weeks older than evelynn. they played nice and shared toys. evelynn tried to steal his pacifier. pretty funny to watch them.

and that about wraps up that trip to cali...phew i made it through this!
(i hope you did too) :]

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