Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my new toms

there's this awesome company called toms shoes. they sell these super cute slip-on type shoes. very simple. but what makes them awesome is that when you buy a pair of shoes they go and give a pair of shoes to a kid who needs shoes, wherever that may be (in the us or overseas).

so i got online today and bought my first pair. looking at them, they don't look worth the $44, but i just keep thinking about the kid who will be getting a pair of shoes. thats what makes it worth it. needless to say, im excited about a kid getting a pair of shoes and my new shoes.
another cool thing that toms does is "one day without shoes". on april 8th they asked people to walk with them for one day without shoes. this day would be used to bring awareness to the fact that people dont have shoes and how much we take them for granted. so i joined in and ditched the shoes! it was quite liberating...dirty but liberating. this is from our trip to target (did you guess by the red stripe?!).

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