Saturday, March 28, 2009

a first for steven...

so at Christmas my mom put those wash cloth towels that are shaped like something in our stockings (yes we still get stockings!). these ones were shaped like mickey's head and you had to put it under hot water to make it unfold.

steven was going through his stuff and found his. he asked what it was! i was sooo surprised he had never seen or used one of these before. i could not let this go on any more! we grabbed it and went straight to the bathroom. im sure there were more important things to get done, but this had to be dealt with!!! of course as he warmed up the water i grabbed the camera to document this momentous occasion! so here are a few pictures (3 months after Christmas) to show you steven's first towel expanding experience!

1...the towel in its last moments of looking like mickey mouse's head!

2...steven holding it under the water and being ever so patient for the towel to be soft!

3...the stiffness is going away and steven is starting to see the actual towel

4...can you just feel the excitement in his face to see his new towel!! :]

so there you have it. the exciting times of our lives! i have been trying to get this up on here for the longest time. and wah-lah! i got it done! i hope you have had this exciting experience!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

we are alive...all three of us!

let me dust off this blog so i can give the whole handful of you guys an update... even though you probably know it all!

so we are now 20 weeks pregnant (itll be 21 on friday). we found out last friday, 3/6, that we are having a girl. hopefully thatll be confirmed 100% next month! when we went for the ultrasound our little bun in the oven was very active (and i feel none of it!!). she was doing sumersaults and covering her face with her arms. grrr! so when we go back next month the doc is going to do another ultrasound to go over things again and to hopefully check her parts again! :]

i have been trying to be good and not go into the baby section...too much! i havent gotten into too much trouble! im quite proud. i know that this little girl is going to be spoiled rotten by everyone so i probably wont have to do much besides feed her! :]

aside from the baby, our lives are staying busy. steven is working tons of hours right now (thank God) and is raking in the overtime. I try and get lots done on saturdays when he is working. as for me, the school year seemed to pick up and get really busy ten weeks before the school year ended. im wondering how that works. i have received a handful of new students. which means working them into the flow we already had going on, paperwork, and meetings. but they are lots of fun. im also trying to get progress reports done and a 6 page report for my students who are going to kindergarten next year...and have meetings for each of those kids! oh the joys of paperwork, meetings, and business! its been a fun experience though and im going to miss it next year. but ill be able to spend lots of time with our little girl!

pictures will be coming not worry!


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