Thursday, May 27, 2010

ten months

today evelynn is now ten months old! crazy where the time has gone...
"what have i found here that i can eat?!?!"
just for fun; the back of her stylin' jacket from her tia...
at ten months, we are still waiting (patiently) for evelynn to crawl. she gets on all fours and moves backwards. she rolls to get to where she wants to go. and once she's there she uses her reverse skills to get back on her bum. she loves to stand at the coffee table and try to touch everything! she says dada and other consanant-vowel combos. still waiting for mama! she is lots of fun to play with!

this is evelynn and mama in front of her "first birthday" countdown. yes i am one of those who will find any excuse to make one of these chain thingys! so one night when evelynn went to sleep, i went to work! its crazy to see the days going by til my baby is one year old...a WHOLE year of today there are 61 days left until the extravaganza!!! book your flights now people! :]

its been an amazing ten months watching evelynn grow and learn new things. every day is so much fun to watch her play and interact with the stuff around her. oh how we love her to pieces!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

yes please!

one day id like to venture out to the world of cowboy day!

will you go out with me...

circle YES or no... :]

oh how id love a date night that included this:
and this:
and perhaps ended like this...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

giveaway...not mine!

theres an awesome giveaway going on on a blog i follow: cakies

its a lovely little giveaway of sorts...check it out!

*too lazy to copy the pictures! just look at it...super cute stuff on etsy!*

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day... all you wonderful moms!

thank You Jesus for blessing me with this opportunity to be evelynn's mommy...and perhaps a mommy to other children. :] continue to give me the wisdom i need to raise her in Your ways...please!

i love my mum!!!


Friday, May 7, 2010

400% and then some...

this week i realized the weight i carry...

i give 100% of myself and my abilities to different areas of my life:
- i give 100% of myself to steven; loving him and being a wife -
- i give 100% of myself to evelynn; loving her, taking care of her, & being her mommy -
- i give 100% of myself to the ways of my home; planning meals, bills, cleaning (with some help), etc. -
[yes, that is an apron cape!]
- i give 100% of myself at work; i love my job and want to do nothing less than my best there -
[ i cant tell you how much i love this kid]
- steven and i are involved with our youth ministry, so this means sundays, thursday fellowships, friday fellowships, summer/winter camp, and other random events -
- im sure there is some random thing im missing that i also give my time to; but anyway... -

so needless to say, this week was my breaking point. just realizing how much i give to so many things in my life. i want to be able to give each area my best. as im writing this i wanted to say that i want to give my all to Jesus, as this little separate wedge of my life. but in reality i want him to overlap everything and be a part of it all. im looking to Him right now for the energy, strength, and love to do all these things for Him.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

nursing with caution...

so we've finally come to the bridge ive been waiting for...evelynn to bite me while nursing. the other day i felt what i thought was a bite, but once i looked down at her, she was nowhere near me to have bitten me. but yesterday was a different thing. she BIT me!!!! eek... ive been waiting for this moment. and now im so cautious when she's eating. we shall see how this works out...

these two babies hurt!

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