Monday, November 30, 2009

four months flew by

ok. so ive realized that it has been about 4 months since ive really updated the blog. here is a rundown of the last four months of our lives:
- evelynn was born july 27th- spent the better part of august and september waking up in the middle of the night to feed the baby and being sleep deprived
- in august we started to get random smiles from evelynn and she met her great-grandma- evelynn started to smile in response to silly things in september- i took evelynn on her first plane ride in october out to so cal for her uncles 20th birthday.
- first week of october evelynn started sleeping through the night which meant i was a happy, well a happier mom!
- evelynn was a hot dog for halloween thanks to her grammy martha
- we traded in the truck for a chevy impala...a more family-friendly car
- evelynn had her first play-date with her friend lucy who is 2 weeks older than evelynn
- we took evelynn on her first roadtrip to so cal for thanksgiving (thats a whole other post!)
that brings us up to date for the most part! im going to try and do better to keep this updated.

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