Friday, May 7, 2010

400% and then some...

this week i realized the weight i carry...

i give 100% of myself and my abilities to different areas of my life:
- i give 100% of myself to steven; loving him and being a wife -
- i give 100% of myself to evelynn; loving her, taking care of her, & being her mommy -
- i give 100% of myself to the ways of my home; planning meals, bills, cleaning (with some help), etc. -
[yes, that is an apron cape!]
- i give 100% of myself at work; i love my job and want to do nothing less than my best there -
[ i cant tell you how much i love this kid]
- steven and i are involved with our youth ministry, so this means sundays, thursday fellowships, friday fellowships, summer/winter camp, and other random events -
- im sure there is some random thing im missing that i also give my time to; but anyway... -

so needless to say, this week was my breaking point. just realizing how much i give to so many things in my life. i want to be able to give each area my best. as im writing this i wanted to say that i want to give my all to Jesus, as this little separate wedge of my life. but in reality i want him to overlap everything and be a part of it all. im looking to Him right now for the energy, strength, and love to do all these things for Him.


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The Foy Family said...

Well I offer a huge THANK YOU for what you do at work. Our family has been so blessed by the love you teachers give our special ed baby! EmmaJune is in such a better place since she's been at the preschool. So just know that the work you do directly benefits families!

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