Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the big O-N-E!!

today my little baby turned ONE!!! so crazy to think a year has gone by already. a year ago today i was laying in the hospital mezmorized by little bundle of joy! i was so in love. you can see more pictures and read about the day here.

this past year has been amazing and fun. to watch evelynn grow and learn. she has learned so much in just the last week. i can only imagine what the next couple years will be like. oh my! we have been looking forward to her first birthday since the day she was born! we celebrated her birthday with a little trip to the beach. she loves the sand and the water. she spent some time in the water with her dad. at first we only put her feet in and decided to put her wetsuit on and let her get a little more wet. the whole time changing her she was staring at the water whining. she is such a water baby! i love it.

happy birthday baby girl! mama and papa love you!!!

**some things evelynn can do at 12 months** -puts hand (or object) up to her ear and says, "he-do" -says "mama", "dada", "he-do" (evelynn speak for hello) -signs "please" -crawls like a manic and is taking tiny steps in between things like the couch and coffee table -attaching herself to stuffed animals; right now its julius the monkey, minnie mouse, and her lady army soldier

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Jeff and Aimee said...

Did Steve catch a lobster in that last pic? J/K. She is so adorable, you guys. Truly a wonderful little girl.

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