Tuesday, November 9, 2010

so lame...(lamer without pictures!)

so i havent blogged in about a month and a half...since sept 24th. what the heck! i feel so behind...

but a lot has happened since then. i wish i could type it all out and wiggle my nose to make pictures appear and be done with it. but thats not how it works in real life. so youll just have to be patient.
we moved in early september into a friends basement (to get caught up and get ahead in life) and our internet connection has been off and on...nothing real consistent. so needless to say, this is why blogging has been sparse. all our pictures and what nots are on our computer. and no internet means no blogging. the internet should be good to go (as it is right now) so i shall get caught up with things...like evelynn walking, birthday party details (yes, her party that was in JULY!), halloween, couponing fun and other random stuff.
miss you all!


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Mal said...

Aw miss you guys sooo much!

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