Saturday, October 25, 2008

now for part 2...

well here i am getting ready to begin update part two. not sure how excited i am about this one though. things after camp were a little sad and happy at the same time...and crazy with school. so my last post ended with us at (church family) camp. at this point we knew grandpa was sick and none of the family were really too sure how much longer we had with him. so when we got back into civilization from camp, i had a message from my sister to call her back. the news wasnt what i wanted to hear. she had told me that grandpa had passed away that saturday that we were at camp. i was super bummed, but in a sense i wasnt because i knew he wasnt miserable and in pain anymore. he was at home with Jesus. that was the comfort in this entire situation. so once we got home i got on the phone and started booking flights and letting my principal know i would be gone. so we made it to riverside for the memorial service and his funeral, which i would not have missed for the world. this weekend was filled with lots of family time. it was nice to see all of us come together and just hang out. after grandpas funeral just the family went over to my ninas house and had some food and just hung out. my grandma was in good spirits with all of us around.
we even celebrated liz's birthday.on saturday ruben and mikey had a football game so we all rallied together at the game. its funny to see these little guys running around a high school size football field. all these little pint size specks running around this huge field and they get rap song intros also!! funny stuff...
sister and i shared a sisterhood moment. i realized we had the same drink and the same phone (ill admit...before i get in trouble...that she had the phone first. i guess thats only right: the little sister follows the big sister (only in some things!) :] (LOVE YOU SISTER!!!!!)
i just want to share some of the pictures of my grandpa...he was a funny man and an awesome grandpa!!!! he always knew what to do when i put the camera up for a "myspace" picture! does your grandma know that?!?! :]

if anyone knew my grandpa they knew he had the cane and he wasnt afraid to use it if you needed disciplining...or if you were in the way of his angels game! haha... fear the cane!!!!
i will NEVER get rid of this picture. grandpa was always trying to say he didnt like towbie because he wasnt a smart dog like chula! ha... but i just so happened to catch this picture on my phone...kid you not! he tapped his chair and called towbie to jump up there with him. as God as my witness!!!! and he sat there with him and was petting him. so as much as grandpa tried to say he didnt like towbie...i always had this picture in my mind saying "you love towbie!!!" steven has now started working for a company called mykhon. this company makes the big fancy casino signs. so since steven knew how to paint...they put him in the paint department. its much different than custom homes or del tacos, but he has really got a handle on what he is doing. its laid back and he enjoys his work. we just pray that he may continue to be a light in this dark place. its really nice to have my husband home by six and able to go to wednesday bible study and be there with the youth kids. and hes not so stressed! i love it!

other than that...not much else. my life is consumed with special ed files, paperwork, and school. and on top of that trying to keep this house in order and be a good wife. its rough but God continues to give me the strength and energy to get through the days at work and come home and just do my thing here. so yeah... there you have it. updated to this point in time. hopefully ill be able to keep up regularly and not have to do this for months at a time!


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Aimee: said...

I enjoyed reading about your bittersweet happenings. I'm glad you two are doing well even in the midst of loss.

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