Wednesday, October 29, 2008

we are going big...

...well at least i am. we are making our way back out to cali for the weekend. we have a tattoo appointment set up for saturday afternoon. and its literally ALL afternoon. we will be at the red door tattoo from noon to six! yes six hours!!! but two of those belong to sister. anyway...why i am going big is because im taking my tattoos below the elbow. steven had gotten this tattoo done last time we were in cali. and im getting the same thing but my banner will say: and my beloved is mine. sweet i know! :] so stevens will get colored and ill get my outline done ready to be finished around Christmas time.

this has been on my mind for a while just cause it means a lot with work. ill have to wear long sleeves every day. which if you really think about it, doesnt matter cause i have air conditioning! and we, unlike so cal, have winters where its FREEZING! so all in all i dont think its all that big a deal. itll be funny once i get it done and im at the store and happen to run into a parent (which hasnt happened yet) and they see my wonderful arms! ha... oh i cant wait to see the faces!!! :] so there it is. another post sooooo soon! i know. im getting better. just thought id throw this random thought into oblivion know as "cyber space"!

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