Saturday, November 8, 2008

tattoo freaks of st george!

so we have made it back from cali. its been almost a week since we got our tattoos finished (for steven) and started (for me)... our original appointment was set for noon to six for steven, sister, and myself. in the end it turned out to be from noon to eight and only steven and i actually got something done. so needless to say it was a long day for steven since he was there all day. he even had lunch and dinner with jimi. sister and i showed up at about five and those three hours were long enough! so check out the pictures... mine will be colored and done in december when we go out for Christmas... yay!

this is my arm. i decided to go with a wrap around picture set since the tattoo is so wide and my arm is little. gives you the whole effect! :]
and here is stevens all done. we should probably do a wrap around picture as well. ill work on that! oh and if you look at the post below this you can get the whole before and after effect with stevens...

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Aimee: said...

Wow. That guy did a really good job.

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