Saturday, November 22, 2008

are my eyes seeing right...

so my low fuel light went on last night and i needed to stop for gas. so i decided to go to fabulous freddys. ive been noticing it was getting cheap. so i stopped to get gas and this is what i saw:
i havent paid less than $2 in a looooong time. granted its a PENNY less than $2, but still. its the numbers that i see! so as i was pumping gas i pulled out my camera as inconspicuously as possible. i succeeded! so then i decided that if it didnt fill up then i would go until $30. lately its been going beyond that. but not this time. it stopped at:
ok im joking. it actually stopped at $21.8-something. but being the anal person that i am i cant stop at odd numbers. so i just kept clicking until $22. this shot i didnt take as sly as the other. i forgot i left the flash open (which i didnt do on the first shot). because of my neglect i got this nice bright shot of the pump and my total! then i pulled out of the gas station quickly! now that utah has caught up with the rest of the world...we are happy campers or drivers!!

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