Wednesday, November 19, 2008

some visuals...

so a few posts back i gave an extended update on the mendonsa household! i let you know how steven started a new job. well i first learned that i spelled it wrong. its mikohn. i originally wanted to post some pictures of the kind of stuff he does. but i couldnt find a website (a result of my mispelling!). now that i have found out the correct spelling i have found some pictures. although he wasnt personally involved with these exact signs, he has been painting ones similar to this (i got grumbles from steven when i brought them up on the computer) and ones that are much more complex. so here they are:

lately they have been working on a lot of stuff that will be going into the new hotel in vegas called the encore. maybe ill take him down there and take pictures with actual signs he has painted... like a kindergartner on their first day of school! :] although it may be a bit traumatizing since he spends lots of time with these signs! we shall see i suppose!


Aimee: said...

I think it's awesome that God has a secret agent working at the "gambling sign factory". Go Steve!

the breath at a time! said...

yeah its awesome. it works in so many ways. hes able to witness to these guys and i love hearing the stories of their questions. and, it keeps him in check knowing that these guys are somewhat watching him. its quite interesting!

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