Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Advent Calendar

Oh the advent calendar - AKA the small art installation! In my mind this was going to take a lot less effort than it did. But no! It took me about three or so days to fully complete and have it up on the wall. I had always wanted to buy one of those cute house looking things, but i always seem to miss them when they are on clearance after Christmas - yes, i'm one of those who waits for the 50%, 75%, & even the 90% off goodness! So now that i am ready to start doing an advent calendar, i am left to get my DIY on! 

As i was starting to write out my ideas for what would be in the bags i knew i wanted this to be different. I didn't want it to be 24 bags of "stuff" for evelynn. So i made a breakdown: 12 - acts of kindness towards others, 6 - little gifts for evelynn, & 6 - family activities. I will include a compiled list of all our activities/treats once we have finished this. But you will be getting sneak peaks at what we are up to with this whole adventure. 

Materials used to make our advent calendar:
- brown lunch bags
- colored card stock
- graph paper
- sharpie pen
- twine to hang them on
- clothes pins to attach them to the twine 

Inside the bags i used Christmas cards i hadn't used yet to write what we would be doing that day. I tried drawing little pictures to go with the writing so evelynn (3 years) would be able to know something without being able to read. 

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