Thursday, December 6, 2012

'Tis the season

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone faster than the speed of light...this whole year has flown by that way! My Christmas skills are needing to be amped up a little bit now that Evelynn is getting older and she is so into decorations! I actually need to pull out more than stockings. 

This year I pulled out the boxes and Evelynn got so excited! So I pulled the totes out, put on the Sufjan Stevens Christmas album, and let Christmas explode all over our apartment. 

And with Christmas comes the tree. This year I wanted to do something different. I knew our apartment was too small to find some nook to put a tree for a few weeks. Then came Pinterest! I saw a picture of a tomato cage wrapped in lights. I fell in love and immediately decided that would be our tree this year. So I went to and called a couple stores with no luck - duh! if I gardened I'd know that now is not the time to be buying tomato cages and that they wouldn't be in stock! So I texted a gardening friend to see if she had one I could borrow. Score! I picked up the "tree", wrapped it in lights, and we hung our ornaments and topped it with the star. I love it and would almost do this every year!  

I also knew that I really wanted to do an Advent Calendar with our family. So after the dust settled from the decorations and the totes were stashed away, I started working on my Advent Calendar. This will come in another post...yes, it gets its very own post!

Lord willing, this is the beginning of a new start with the blog and I. 

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