Tuesday, February 16, 2010

food...coming out!

well...around Christmas time my sister asked if i was going to start feeding evelynn food. i was not sure i wanted to be gung-ho about feeding her food for a couple reasons:
1...feeding her food would take away a little bit of her baby-ness
2...her poop was gonna change!!!

and that it did, well #2 at least! she is extra cute when she eats (except when she does raspberries in my face)...

...but i hate coming in every morning and seeing this! her smiling face helps me get through it all!
this occurrence has slowed down a little bit since her little body is getting used to other things besides the sweet nectar. but its still interesting to see the changes that do happen when she eats different foods. lets see what happens since we just gave her sweet peas! anyone want to see pictures?!? :] just kidding, i dont really have pictures of her "business"!


Kerra Dawn said...

try using a differnt kind of diaper at night. We use pampers night time diapers

the mendonsas...two becoming three! said...

yeah we've been using baby drys since they didnt have her size in the night time ones. she may be big enough to where they fit now. thanks kerra!

Jeff and Aimee said...

Ha! I remember the "morning explosions". Delaney wore a lot of those footy jammies that zip up the front and I was often terrified as I slowly pulled down the zipper, wondering what was waiting for me inside. Ewww!

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