Sunday, February 14, 2010

will you be my valentine?

happy day o' love to you all (all four of you...if that!). it felt more of a weekend celebration though. on friday morning steven surprised evelynn and i with flowers (love the "vase" he grabbed to put them in; there used to be a candle in there). he also brought me a vanilla bean frap and a cupcake! nice little treat before work.
as i was taking a picture of the flowers, i notice a little stalker! can you spot her?

friday night the family drove in. of course, mom came with her valentine goodies in tow. steven and i got some treats and an applebees giftcard (yay date night!). she was so excited for the baby's present. she got her some ghirardelli chocolate (yay for chocolate) and the book "all the ways i love you" narrated by herself.
and of course, all evelynn really wanted was the tissue paper.
we topped off saturday with an early dinner at 25 main...yum!!!!
today was the day everyone was going back to cali. so we hung out and had breakfast here. the family took off and the three of us headed to the park for a little valentines day photo shoot of evelynn. she performed well for the camera today!
steven even got in on the action!
and then with the help of a folded bib, we got a family shot...
happy first valentines day baby girl!

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The Foy Family said...

Love the picture of the 3 of you. So SWEET!

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