Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a bit of transparency

ive been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. i cant seem to get ahead in my house. trash piles up, dishes pile up, clothes pile up (clean and dirty), and taking care of the baby is never-ending. as soon as i get part of any of those cleaned up, dirty ones comes right on behind to take their place! what the heck! and to top it all off today...the water is turned off for maintenance. grr!!!!!

feel lucky that you arent getting a 360 view of our 3x5 kitchen!
i just want to wiggle my nose and have it all be clean. if only... a big thanks to steven though for really helping me out. bless his heart. he has been doing lots of dishes, but for some reason they just keep coming. together we can conquer them i guess.

aside from wanting to get all this under control i have this longing in my heart to do something semi-creative. i just want to go to michaels and load up on buttons, fabric, scrapbook paper, paint, and glue, and just see what comes out of my little mind. i would also love to look into this art journaling thing. i just dont have the spare $60 to do it...someday.


Lilith's mommy said...

You'll be better off going to JoAnn's. Michael's doesn't really have fabric. They have some fat quarters, but not much. JoAnn's has everything, though. And if you sign up for their mailer, you'll get coupons every couple of weeks.

Lilith's mommy said...

And, if you need any suggestions on sites or projects, let me know. I have a ton bookmarked. :)

Here's a good place to start, though. She has a whole sections for beginers. And lots of cute projects, too.

And one of the sites I check out daily: There's other craft things on it, too...not just sewing.

The Foy Family said...

The messy house is never ending. And the more kids you have the messier it is. It's a vortex.

Kerra Dawn said...

A messy house just gets worse as they get older :) We invested in paper plates for most our meals. I know it costs more but it helps a little on the dishes front, and my sanity sometimes needs to come first. I also make sure I have laundry days and I make sure to ALWAYS do it those days.I also plan my meals for the week so dinner is easier, as well as having a freezer cooking day where I can take a nice home cooked meal out of the freezer, let it thaw and heat up and we are good to go.

cupcake mama said...

thanks guys. since my post we have gotten a handle on the kitchen front. really trying to crack down on major cleaning before evelynn figures out this crawling business!

Lilith's mommy said...

Follow me here, too. I update this one a lot more with family and sewing stuff.

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