Friday, March 19, 2010

spring is in the air!

i am loving the weather now that it has warmed up a little bit. i can now wear my flip flops without feeling crazy cause my feet are freezing! i really dont enjoy wearing socks and shoes. another plus about spring...i can put dresses and shorts on evelynn without feeling like a bad mom cause shes cold! we can now see her rolls and chub in ALL THEIR GLORY!!! im going to nibble her little arms and thighs down! :]
check out those arms! my favorite is her wrist...yumm!!!!!
thigh rolls make me long as they are on evelynn! :] let me know if you want a little nibble...i may be willing to share!

if you look at my st patricks day post youll get another glimpse at her lovely arms and legs!

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