Tuesday, March 16, 2010


slobber and snot! dont like either of them! evelynn acts like im ripping her face off whenever i have to wipe her face. she hates it; i never realized just how strong she is. but im not about to let her lick up her snot...gross! help me Jesus!!!

so far we have two bottom teeth! they started cutting in last saturday, march 6th! this has been the bridge i was waiting to cross with nursing. lets see how it goes... :]


Lilith's mommy said...

It wasn't too bad with Lilith, but she never really bit down. If she does, just take her off, tell her it's not ok to bite mommy, and sit her on the floor. After a couple of minutes, pick her back up and start nursing again. After a couple of times, they get the point and won't do it.

The Foy Family said...

She is so sweet.

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