Thursday, March 4, 2010

thanks a latte...

so heres a struggle of mine. i realized the other day that i feel a bit weird about the whole tip jar thing.
i dont mind tipping but heres my dilemma... so at a coffee shop, you put together my drink and hand it over. i dont feel it necessary to tip for that. its your job. i dont get tips from parents for wiping their kids snot or changing their diaper (much more tip-worthy on my scale i guess!).

just my rant for the day. anyone else struggle with this? or have a reason that makes it more reasonable to always tips? help!!!


Ashley said...

It drives me crazy when I see tip jars at those kind of places. I feel that if someone is getting at least min. wages, then I'm not required to tip them. They are just doing their job- nothing more.
I don't ever tip for people like that. Maybe I'm a bad person, but I just don't understand.

cupcake mama said...

if youre a bad am i! i hardly ever tip. like you said, its their job!

Kerra Dawn said...

I only tip at those places if the service is fantastic and they are friendly and nice.

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