Saturday, August 21, 2010

day 3 of 30

day 3- a picture of you and your friends

so today when i read the thing for today i knew it would take a minute. we have a few different circles of friends since we are from california and we now live in utah. so i couldn't just pick one, or even just a couple. so enjoy! and sorry if you didn't make it on here. send me a pic and ill edit the post and add you!

{my best friend. my husband. taken in '09 when we found out we were expecting evelynn}

{my good friend veronica. this was a good time at the orange blossom festival in so cal in '05}

{nic from berlin. we have been friends for quite some time & he actually made it out to california a couple times. this was in '04}

{this is kerra. i miss her! this was in '06 when she moved to washington. read her blog here}

{my girls-minus sheila. this was in san francisco after sheila's wedding in '08}

{all of us at sheila's wedding in '08. vanessa [bottom] was my roomie in college. sheila & ashley were our neighbors. i miss them all so much!}

{these are the awesome youth kids we love! the kids from CC bullhead city are in there too. this is summer camp '08}

{the lovely girls of the youth group. we took a few hours at summer camp to do a girls lunch. this was summer camp 2010}

{the young adults group here in st george - veritas. this was at our annual Christmas sweater party in '08}

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Kerra Dawn said...

so excited I made the cut that I got teary eyed! I love and miss you so much! hopefully we will see each other again soon

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