Saturday, August 14, 2010

the time is coming

as of today i have been nursing evelynn for a year and 18 days. in the beginning, it was rough! but looking back at the whole thing it has been a wonderful experience. i'm happy i was able to make it a whole year! to be the one who nourishes her and provides for her. and holding her while she eats...i love when her little feet are tucked under my chin. i've loved kissing her little feet and smelling them. weird i know, but shes my baby!
so now that shes a year old and the school year is coming up, i've been thinking that now is the time to ween her. it makes me a little sad, but then happy to know we made it this far and shes a big girl now. so wish me luck and here's to hoping the mama hormones to don't come out too much on that last night!
ps...i just want to say how much i love these pictures! :]


Jeff and Aimee said...

Funny how none of these portraits show the kid biting the crud out of the poor mama's ta-ta. :) Yes, it's the end of a sweet era, but Steve will be happy to have his playthings back. :)

Kerra Dawn said...

I actually experienced a anxiety when I stopped nursing... But I am glad to have my body back.

cupcake mama said...

@aimee: seriously! luckily the amounts of time i've experienced the biting hasn't been too much. and i'm sure he's glad they'll be "his" again.

although i have ONE demand! new victoria's secret bras...with NO clips on the front for easy access! :]

Lilith's mommy said...

Lilith was about 14 months old when we finally quit. There was just so much going on at that time. We moved in with Grandma Shirley and then moved up here. I was sad when we were done. I miss those moments. We did it slowly (she was down to 3 times by then) at a time every couple of weeks. And we replaced them with snuggles. I snuggled her with the Boppy, plug (paci), and blanket over her head as if we were still nursing. That seemed to help her. Then she turned 2 and didn't want the snuggles before nap and bed anymore. :(

Good luck! I know how hard this whole "my baby's growning up" is...and it's not getting any easier. *hugs*

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