Tuesday, August 17, 2010

in need of...

...a new name!
so id really like to give my blog a new name. i've had a few but none of them really set in with me. hmmm... sometimes i think of something and then i think its too "artsy" or something for my blog. any ideas out there???


ps...does anyone know if i change my URL, if that'll mess with ALL of you who have it bookmarked or anything? does it just change it for you, so you never miss a thing! :]


Brett and Collette Merrill said...

I'm pretty sure you would have to tell everyone your new URL, I don't think it automatically changes. I think when people try to click on your old link it will say the blog has been removed, but I'm not sure.

Skooks said...

It depends if you're purchasing a new domain name or just starting a new blog altogether. I switched from a blogspot web address to a dot com and the transition went smoothly. All the old links (I'm pretty sure) just redirect to my new dot com though I did purchase through Google so maybe them switching everything over is part of the package? I still did tell everyone to change their feed readers and such, but I didn't lose any followers or comments or anything.

P.S. Love your background. ;)

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