Thursday, August 26, 2010

day 8 of 30

day 8- short term goals for this month and why

well august is almost over. so i will make my short term goals to be through september...setting goals makes me nervous. i just think about the looming failure if i dont accomplish them. and goals dont seem to be like the alarm clock where i can keep pushing snooze and it be ok. i can put off goals if i set lets see here.

one. begin couponing --> which leads to saving money
two. get back on the wii fit bandwagon
three. start doing my art journal again
four. drink lots more water
five. lose five pounds [honestly, this one scares me to actually write down]
six. really get a grasp on my organization

im sure there are so many more, but we'll stop!
im going to set an alarm on my phone and write an update on my goal progress.
what are some of your short term goals?

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Ashley said...

I love couponing!! I have saved hundreds of dollars on toiletries alone this year. Matt made me stop buying him deodorant when he had 12 stocked up. They were all free or close to free.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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